Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paypal Verified

You have a PayPal account that has not been Verified / Unverified to make purchases online, send money to other PayPal accounts or receive money from other PayPal accounts with limited limit. To eliminate the boundary limit your paypal account must be Verified / Verified (your address is Truth in check by PayPal for security reasons) by following the steps to be Verified / Verified on

As long as Verified / Unverified, PayPal you can not withdraw funds / withdraw to your bank account or your credit card. To be able to withdraw money from paypal balance, you already have to Verified / Verified

If you have not inserted or want to add a bank account, login with your PayPal account and the Account / My Account -> Profile / Profile -> Add / Edit Bank Account / Add or Edit Bank Account

If you have not inserted or want to add a credit card, login with your PayPal account and the Account / My Account -> Profile / Profile -> Add / Edit Credit Card / Add or Edit Credit Card

1 person is allowed to have up to two PayPal accounts as necessary, ie an account types Personal / Personal plus an account of type Primary / Premiere or Business Type / Business. Example you already have an account type Primary / Premiere for purposes of your online purchase, and want to make a longer account for personal purposes such as for shopping in order to separate from the main account (Primary / Premiere or Business / Business) is to sell or do business. Account Type Personal / Personal has the advantage of a lower fee cuts. To create a PayPal account again with a different type you can repeat the registration steps above, use the data themselves Name, Address and Phone same, but use Email and Bank Account / Credit Card different
If you still need help from other users have seen in several forums

With a verified status (your address is Truth in check by PayPal for security reasons) would eliminate the limit of limit to send money or attract money into your bank account or debit card / credit card, PayPal account and make you more trustworthy sellers and buyers

Step into the status verified:

1. Log into your PayPal account

2. Click the link Get status verified

- Enter your credit card or your debit card is required
- When finished entering your credit card data, you will get the 4 digit verification code from PayPal, which will be sent into the monthly statement or your credit card statement online (usually within 1-3 business days), your credit card will be charged $ 1.95 USD for this purpose. The purpose of sending this PayPal verification code is to ensure that the address you provide is correct (not a fictional address).
- If you have a 4 digit security code from the monthly statement or your credit card statement online later, login with your PayPal account, then posted on the My Account / My Account click Confirm / confirm to enter the 4 digit security code from PayPal, after you enter a 4 digit security code your PayPal account will be verified / Verified and will add $ 1.95 USD into your PayPal account automatically then, be calculated for free.

If you do not have a credit card can be replaced with VCC.
For those of you who recently joined might be wondering what it is VCC? VCC stands for Virtual Credit Card which serves to PayPal verified and have no physical form.
VCC main purpose is to protect a major credit card so that when conducting online transactions, credit card owner does not provide the actual credit card information. This is done to protect the credit card of the things that are not desired or misuse of credit cards.

Is it safe to use VCC for PayPal Verification? Verify PayPal with VCC is a quick and easy process. You can use the VCC with the same name and address with the name and address that you used on your PayPal account. The verification process is also faster at less than 1 × 24 hours even in a matter of minutes compared to PayPal's verification process by using a credit card which takes 3-4 business days.

Some advantages VCC for PayPal verification:

Some advantages VCC for PayPal verification:

1. You can have a PayPal account is "verified" without having a credit card.
2. VCC cheap prices.
3. PayPal is a quick verification process.
4. You can use VCC to the name and address in accordance with the PayPal account.

Benefits of PayPal account status "verified" is:

1. You can send money in unlimited amounts if your status is verified, but the transfer of your funds will be limited if the status is still not verified.
2. You can withdraw PayPal if it has been verified. In other words, you can not withdraw if your account status is still "unverified".

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