Thursday, August 12, 2010

definition Paypal

PayPal is one of the means of payment (Payment procesors) use the internet most used and safest in the world. Internet users can buy goods on ebay, original software licenses, membership sites, business affairs, sending and receiving donations / contributions, send money to other PayPal users around the world and many other functions easily and automatically using the internet or mobile, PayPal address the shortage in the traditional money transfer such as Cheque or money order that the process can take PayPal as bank account, you first create an account, then funds will be withdrawn directly from your credit card to that account or with funds from a PayPal account transferan others to Balance / Balance PayPal you, and you can already use a PayPal account to transact

February 2010 PayPal has received more than 190 countries and 23 currencies, PayPal users in Indonesia still have to use a count of U.S. dollars because dollars do not exist at PayPal, the funds are withdrawn directly from your credit card will automatically be converted to U.S. dollars

eBay is an auction / sale / online world's largest market, with users more than 200 million people worldwide (June 2006 data), you can search and buy everything from electronic goods, vehicles, until the rare items from all ebay users in the world, the primary payment method on eBay is by PayPal because it is more secure and automatic, although there are sellers who accept payment by other means

Paypal is more secure than other means of online payment

Buyer / Buyer who feels aggrieved or inappropriate description of the notified may request the money back to the Seller / Seller within maximum 45 days after the payment. If the buyer uses a credit card will get a refund from their credit card company.

PayPal also protects the seller from a refund or a complaint that is not true of buyers according to proof. Protection for sellers is designed to protect sellers from buyer claims that claims to have sent the money that has no record of receipt and a description of the transaction, every purchase and payment using PayPal there is always a record of proof of payment in your PayPal account the sending and receiving money, as evidence if it has occurred remittances between the two
From this it can be concluded using PayPal is more secure than other means of online payment for the sender and the recipient of money because there is evidence of payment and record descriptions, as well as the right to make complaints if there is something or avoid a false complaint.