Saturday, July 31, 2010

Definition of Referral

Understanding the referral can be interpreted as a term for someone who joins a community, organization, or other associations based on an invitation or solicitation of others. The opposite of the term referral is the referrer.

The term most used in referral marketing and advertising (advertising). One technique to do the marketing (including advertising) online is by putting the link above personal HTML page, such as newsletters, email, or any other form.
Definition of Referral is approximately equal to the referrals, so if there are new members who enroll in a PTC Site using your reference code, then automatically he became a referral / downline you. But the pattern of referrals / downline in PTC does not like the MLM downline can be up to inherit. At PTC, referrals rata2 counted only one level down. Just like MLM, you get a bonus / commission from every click on ads by your downline. PTC masing2 each have a policy for the commission of a referral, please check first that the PTC will you try.

As is well known by most players Pay to Click (PTC), referrals are a valuable asset to get a lot of dollars from Pay to Click (PTC).

With a growing number of referrals, the opportunity to become wealthy from the PTC increases. But apparently not as easy to find referrals to imagine let alone to peers who do not know how.
The way we work:
Take your time to create a blog.
Blog is one of the promotional tools to find referrals are quite effective, since blogs are always online 24 hours non-stop. You can make this with a free blog at Blogger like this blog or on some other blog sites like Wordpress organizers and more.
Indeed at the beginning of making this blog very time-consuming, I myself make this blog spent many days, but it turns out this blog to fruition is quite large, 50% of my referrals now come from this blog. So for you who want to find a referral, please try to create a blog. Believe that you have spent time to create a blog would be paid off by itself.
Promotion in various Forums and Mailing
The easiest way to promote your blog on Forums and Mailing is by posting on the forum and mailing list that you visit. But keep in mind that
language used is the language of advertising. (hahaha. kepake cave science of marketing .. well ..)
It would be better, if you are active players posting on the forum and mailing list. Active is meant here is that you diligently and consistently provide true, or at least you know about PTC, whether it's a scam, or even whether the site is still active or already dead.
Oh yes .. Forums and Mailing on, you should not do spamming (only posting your link without giving quality information or comments on the Forum and Mailing.