Friday, July 30, 2010

Membership Program Making

Any program or service which results in you receiving automatic, recurring revenue:

It could be ongoing with no definitive end
It could be 12 weeks, 6-months, or any defined period of time
It could be a program with benefits such as teleseminars and a forum
It could be a service such as Team Sandy or website maintenance
I'm seeing two different, yet similar trends when it comes to membership programs:
It was immediately clear why her high end clients were leaving and not re-upping: she was resting on what she'd already done/provided and not offering more (a.k.a. "laziness") and it was costing her tens of thousands of dollars.
2. Membership program hosts are getting "lazy" in that they're not creating new programs and services as their membership programs are steadily bringing in revenue and they've gotten used to that revenue level.

Membership programs are great! If they're successful, you get a notice from your shopping cart each day telling you how much revenue is automatically coming in. It's a fabulous feeling and one that, sadly enough, can lead to laziness since you know money's coming in and so you end up being "too busy" to write that new program, product, whatever.
My Request To You

If you've been reading my stuff for any length of time, then you know I highly recommend creating a marketing and promotional calendar which lists out which programs, products and services you'll be offering -- in as much detail as you know.

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