Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seminar Jakarta Indonesia 2011

in 2011 that will come. The seminar was initiated by a business expert named James Gwee of Academia Education & Training. From the little information I get, in this seminar will discuss about the theme of "Role of James Gwee Seminar in improving your success" Attitude, Skill & Knowledge in conducting marketing & sales activity in Dealer in improving your success and it was a theme taken very appropriate for business success would be greatly in want every person in this world. As the theme raised about the business seminar, the event will be discussed about what and how to respond, make then apply the theory in the business world.
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This seminar will be held by James Gwee dari Academia Education & Training will take you to the business plan in 2011 that much better. James Gwee seminar, an event at once refreshing and honing backAttitude, Skill & Knowledge in doing marketing & sales activity di Dealer.
Trainer Seminar Jakarta Indonesia 2011 adalah James Gwee he is an Indonesia's Favorite Trainer James Gwee despite the fact that Singaporeans. But James Gwee expertise lies in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Service Excellence, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Team Building, and Personal Development. experienceMr. James Gwee(Singapore)Has conducted more than 1200 In House Training for 800 Organizations across Indonesia. Up to this day, James has spoken in front of more than 350 000 people and is often invited to speak at many distinguished events throughout Indonesia and in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, India and even Moscow.
James Gwee is a radio resource SMART FM is heard by millions of listeners and broadcast more than 10 cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Palembang, Makassar, Manado, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Medan and Week new).
Seminar Jakarta Indonesia 2011 has had its day, the business review in 2010 it is time to do, whether your business is making progress or even regress. If you are a manager, director, department heads and even you are a sales marketing any course you have a heavy burden to deal with business in 2011 without doing the following:

1. Setting specific goals and clear to the Working Session
2. Designing an attractive agenda Working Meeting
3. Seacara know exactly what each participant should be prepared before attending the meeting to ensure its success
4. Motivate each participant to have a good attitude to want to achieve better results in the Work Meeting
5. Boost team spirit to want to work together in achieving corporate objectives

The five stages of the above points is that you should discuss at the seminar meetings later for you to success in 2011.
For seminar information Mr. James Gwee , please visit their website at and